raceteam is the best group training for half marathons! RaceTeam is a 10 week group training programme that will get you to the finish line in a half marathon. We do this through providing an awesome, fun and supportive environment with top coaches and a programme that is tried and proven, it really will be an awesome experience both physically and mentally. here's how we do it >

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It's more than just running! Are you a runner who wants to try and achieve a faster time? We know that for you to be successful you need motivation, education, support and it needs to be fun. Do you feel you could be successful if you had these?
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"This is a professional, supportive, world class training organization. They have inspired and kick started me with long term training schedules and goals I can achieve. I loved it!"
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You want to get into running but you think you may not be good enough. You need support and want to feel success. You may be worried that you won't be good enough and when you start the group you may have do some walking. Sounds like you?
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You have been a runner for a while or may have been away from running for a little bit. You want to improve your technique, get advice from experienced coaches and have a weekly run that takes you to the next level. Sounds like you?
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You've competed in many types of races so you know what it's like to work at high intensity. You're looking for that key weekly session that pushes you and helps you to continually reach a higher level both physically and mentally. Sounds like you?
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The next RACETEAM is starting 18 January 2015
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